Cosmetic dentist are trained to treat other aliments ! What are they ?

They are also treat patient's with unique need like:

  • TMD TMJ or other joint problems
  • Cleft Palates
  • Maxillofacial prosthetic procedures,like oral cancer reconstruction and continuing care
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Snoring & sleep disorders
  • Cosmetic dentist go through rigorous training and experience which provides special understanding of dynamics of a smile and the also the preservation of healthy mouth

How does a Cosmetic dentist fix broken, discolored or mis-shapen teeth?

They are experts in improving your appearance,by fixing broken, discolored and misshapen teeth, which are associated structures which you smile as natural as possible. With the possibility of esthetic dentistry, Dr. Du bey can give you that perfect smile, and a natural looking appearance as possible, by restoring your teeth to perfection and function. Whether you are looking to brighten your smile or either to replace an old metal filling, or even go through a procedure to restore a full smile makeover with veneers or crowns, Dr. Dubey will consult you on the procedure that will best me your objectives and be the best dental solution.

Replacing Lost Teeth

Whether you lost your natural look, due to an injury or a part of an accident, or aging process, it can be traumatic, which can affect the way you look, especially if you are in an hospitality business, or like simple -pleasure like smiling or going out to eat becomes a source of embarrassment, with a help of a Cosmetic dentist, there are many options which can put you right.

Some options are crown, bridges, and full or partial dentures which are some of the procedures which can help to regain your smile, and also improve your appearance and self confidence. The other option is dental implants which are more permanent, which has improved greatly over, a period of time, thanks to the pioneering techniques of Cosmetic dentist,who have made this possible

Dr. Dubey will work through every step of an dental implant treatment, from an initial consultation through a follow-up care.

Our Doctor
Sumit Dubey

BDS, M.D.S, FICOI (Prosthodontist & Implantologist)

Specialist in Oral Dental Implants, Maxillofacial Posthodontics

MBA (Healthcare &Hospital Administration)

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