Componeer Veneer Laminates

Componeer Veneer Laminates

What are Laminate?

Laminate veneers( are just plain old "veneers" to some) they are thin slices of material which can cover your whole teeth, these veneer are made of porcelain,and used as a cosmetic procedure, which makes your smile white and uniform. These veneers can also can cover the chips stains, imperfections, gaps etc. "Think " movie star smile"- which are usually veneers. This is used by a cosmetic dentist over a couple of visits, and done with care, which will generally last for up to 10-20 years.


COMPONEER, direct composite veneers, are polymerized, pre-fabricated nano-hybrid-composite enamel-shells, which combine the advantages of direct composite restoration with those of lab-made Veneers.

COMPONEER are a completely new class of veneers. They are manufactured industrially from highly filled nano-hybrid-composite which ensures excellent homogeneity and stability of the enamel shells. The extremely thin veneer coatings from 0.3 mm allow a high level of conservation of hard tooth substance during preparation. The shiny and naturally designed surface adds a look of vitality to the restoration.

With COMPONEER, quality aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth can be performed efficiently in just a single session. Until now the dentist could only choose between a directly modeled composite restoration or elaborate indirect veneer technology. The Direct Composite Veneering System adds a new and interesting dimension to existing treatment options and gives patients new economic perspectives. Patients can be given a naturally aesthetic smile in just a single session, and sent off smiling – with a "smile to go".