Our Team

Dr.Sumit Dubey did his graduation as well as his masters in Prosthodontics & Oral Implantology from Subharti dental college & Hospital, Meerut. He has also worked as Research Associate & senior resident At maulana azad college new delhi (MAIDS). He was awarded the fellow of international congress of oral implantologist (F.I.C.O.I) for his work in the field of dental implants. He is the Speaker, Trainer & Mentor to hold the Advanced dental Courses to impart education in Dental Implants, Cosmetic /Aesthetic Dentistry and Prosthodontics .Dr.Sumit Dubey is also, the Chief Consultant & Education Advisor for Oral-B India

: Our doctor is specialized in rehabilitation and reshaping of oral prosthesis by correcting natural and acquired deformation of mouth and jaw.

:restores and maintain oral function such as-chewing, speech and appearance by replacing missing teeth with RPD,FPD,CD,DENTAL IMPLANTS,CROWN AND BRIDGE,CERAMIC LAMINATES,VENEERS MAKING DENTISTRY METAL FREE..!!! He also deals with ceramic laminates, componeers and veneers.

Dr. Rumaiza Paul is a cosmetic dentanl surgeon in DDDC, providing care in all aspects of dentistry. She focuses on smile designing with latest technologies to achieve her aim of providing complete patient satisfaction in Cosmetic Dentistry. Her comforting and affectionate communication makes her an instant hit with the patients. She is passionate about all aspects of dentistry & keeps herself updated to all the latest techniques and materials available in modern dentistry by regularly attending lectures, courses and conferences. Her areas of expertise include Root Canal Treatment, All Ceramic Metal Free Crown Bridges, Tooth Colored fillings, Teeth Whitening, scaling- polishing, Aesthetics smile Design,Ceramic veneers.

Dr Rohit Nagar BDS MDS Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
Dr. Rohit Nagar has done master's degree in endodontics, restorative and fixed prosthetic dentistry holding an experience of 13 years in the specialty

With his expertise in Rotary Endodontics and a keen interest to keep updated by incorporating most advanced and latest technology into his practice, makes the Root Canal Treatment more predictable.

Non-surgical & surgical endodontic procedures (single step PAINLESS ROOT CANAL TREATMENT)He is founder member of Association of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics of Delhi NCR, Executive Council member of Indian Association of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, University Examiner for Graduate & Postgraduate dental students across the country.

Dr Ujjwal Gulati has completed his graduation and masters from bharti vidyapeeth dental college, Pune. His area of expertise include performing surgery and related procedures on the hard and soft tissues of the facial region to treat diseases, injuries or defects like fractures of oro-facial region,cysts, tumors, general extractions, 3rd Molar impacted teeth& also providing emergency treatment to them.

His expertise is with facial and temporo-mandibular joint related disorder/ discomfort like unilateral and bilateral pain in joint ,difficulty in opening and closing of mouth.

Dr. Shipra Nagar - B.D.S,M.D.S ( ORTHODONTIST)
: she is specialized in smile makeover and keeps herself updated with all advancements in orthodontics and new technologies of smile correction. She deals with metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual orthodontics,correction of teeth with invisible aligners(US)

Dr. Harpreet is an consultant Endodontist at DDDC. She completed her graduation & masters in Endodontics from Amritsar. She held top ranks in both graduation and post graduation days. Specialized in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy like- root canal treatment and other restorative processes which involves the soft inner tissue of the teeth called- ‘PULP’. Her areas of expertise include Single sitting Root Canal Treatment, Root Canal Retreatment cases, Aesthetics in Conservative Dentistry.

Dr. Aditi Sharma(Periodontist)
: She is a specialist in Gum Surgeries, Bone Grafts & Mobile Teeth Solution and also deals with problems related to gums like( periodontal flap surgery), blackening of mucosa and discoloration

Dr. Shourya Sharma (BDS,MDS- ENDODONTICS)
He is specialized in enhancing facial asthetic by incorporating treatments as FILLERS . PRP(vampire facial) , PERMANENT MAKEUP TECHNIQUE IN MODERN DENTISTRY . He has been successfully organizing several conferences for fillers and permanent makeup.